Haim Zadok & Co. Law Offices

Established 1958 Haim Zadok & Co. was established by the late Mr. Haim J. Zadok, who served as a senior minister in several Israeli governments. The firm has a history and reputation of over five decades in a variety of legal, business and commercial disciplines, including Corporate Rehabilitation and Insolvency, Securities, Capital Markets, Mergers, Real Estate, Administrative Law and Litigation.

Haim Zadok & Co is one of the most long-standing and well known law firms in Israel and enjoys a distinguished reputation in the Israeli legal scenery. The outstanding professional standards defined by the founder of the firm, Advocate Haim J. Zadok, including meticulous and impeccable legal service, strive for professional excellence and uncompromising loyalty to the client, while maintaining the highest ethical standards, guide the attorneys of the firm to this day. Over the years, the firm has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience and is reputed for successfully handling a wide range of legal disciplines in the business and commercial realm, with a particular specialization in the area of Insolvency, Company Rehabilitation and complex commercial transactions. The firm combines the deep expertise of its senior attorneys with the vision of its younger generation, while cultivating them as the next generation of the firm.The firm currently numbers 24 attorneys, of them 10 are partners. The firm consists of several departments, each headed by a senior partner, and addresses its clients' needs comprehensively and expediently through a professional and diverse team under the active supervision of the responsible partner.or the past decade the firm has been led by Senior Partners Advocate Ilan Shavit-Stricks the firm's Senior and Managing Partner and by Advocate Tzachi Feldman. Other partners include Ohad Zalevsky, Adi Braunstein, Dr. Nurit Lazar, Ravit Hoff Wishlitzky, Jacob Etos, Martyn Felix and Yaniv Stal.
Haim Zadok & co Law Offices
Haim Zadok & co Law Offices
Haim Zadok & co Law Offices
Zadok & co Law Offices

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